SPIT Marathon

Run For a Cause

The SPIT Marathon is one of the biggest events of Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology.This year we will be organizing the 6th Edition of SPIT Marathon-Run For Cause.Through this event we combine fitness with charity.We raise money which donated to noble causes.This year we are planning to collaborate to the 'United Way Mumbai' foundation to support their Clean Shores Mumbai initiative and Plastic hazard awareness program.In 2018,we aided underprivileged children and in 2019,the Plant and Animal Society was beneficiary


SPIT Cyclothon

Cyclothon is the new event introduced by Sardar Patel Institute Of Technolgy.The cyclothon is going to be 15km long.Main Motive for cyclothon is to encourage our Indian PM's Fit India Movement and help people exercise for a cause.

KeyNote Speaker Series

To be the Best,Learn From Best

SPoorthi 2020 has planned a compelling line-up of speakers for our enthusiatic audience.We have invited prominent people from the various fields of sports to help us in our strive for glory!They will share their rich life experiences and help us grab the opportunities which are beyond our reach.By disclosing their secrets to success our journey towards our goals will become easier.